Vesselclean Community

The vesselclean community is a collection of diverse companies, each contributing to  facets of the project delivery. These organisations receive part funding from the Technology Steering Board (TSB).

The companies and a summary of their roles are listed below:

TWI will be provider of the main technical innovations in the project. They will provide all the modelling work concerning the prediction of ultrasonic field strengths in water all round a hull –water interface as a function of transducer network configuration, transducer design, the interaction of ultrasound with fouling micro-organisms and the interaction of ultrasound with macro-fouling. This work will lead to the design specifications.

Applied Inspections will provide the necessary systems integration and will be the lead partner providing all the managerial guidance to ensure that the project meets its industrial targets.

Tubetech will construct the programmable ultrasonic generator that provides programmes of continuous wave power and pulsed power with any required duty cycle under software control.

Pancom will write the operating software code for the system which controls the programs for fouling prevention, fouling detection and thickness measurement and fouling removal in intelligent sequences.

Newton Montgomery will ensure that the industrial requirements of the system in the shipping industry are met and provide leadership of the dissemination and exploitation activities.  They will also liaise with Denval Marine Consultants  throughout the project to ensure successful trials on a ship and the needs of the end users being accomplished. During commercialization they will provide marketing advice to the consortium.

cropped-Wisteria1.pngDenval Marine Consultants will provide advice on user wants and needs,  continuous market insight and provide facilities for the installation and trials of the systems. This includes installing the systems on the hull of working ships on which first and second officers will carry out day to day inspections to check measurements and performance monitors under trial conditions.